No Moral Judgment
Letters To The Editor

No Moral Judgment

I appreciated Sandee Brawarsky’s article on her interview with Lexi Rabaldi, and Ms. Rabaldi’s role in “Hannah Senesh: A Play in Music and Song” (‘To Step Into Hannah Senesh’s Shoes,’ July 26).

I did feel uncomfortable, though, with the poster for the play that you featured because the text of the poster suggests that Ms. Senesh was morally superior to the “many [who] left for Palestine to save themselves.”

Yes, Ms. Senesh was courageous, daring, and brave, and one can never adequately appreciate her deeds. But those few who escaped Nazi Europe did what was right for themselves, for their children, and for the unborn generations to come. Those few who were able to escape were, like Ms. Senesh, among the righteous. One should never suggest that any one of them was morally inferior because he or she — their lives threatened and their way of life destroyed — sought “merely” to survive.


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