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No Mention Of Tefillin

No Mention Of Tefillin

In his article on the latest crisis in the Conservative movement, “United Synagogue Turns Inward” (Feb. 11), Stewart Ain lists as one of the reasons “that the best and brightest” are migrating to post-denominational or Modern Orthodox settings.

I fully agree, and point out one example why this is happening.

My grandson, whose family belongs to a Conservative synagogue in Westchester, is about to become bar mitzvah. When his mother attended an orientation class for parents of bar mitzvah boys, she was shocked that there was no mention of tefillin as part of the preparations.

When she confronted the rabbi she was told, “What is the use for the tefillin, they will just sit in the closet gathering dust.”

So much for tradition.

As a result my daughter switched to another congregation.


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