No Logic To Obama Effort

No Logic To Obama Effort

The Editorial, “Bibi, Obama And Purim” (March 6) contrasted the
approaches of President Obama to Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Editorial describes the
president as taking a pragmatic approach while the prime minister is a
“student of history.”
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pragmatic as “dealing with the
problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way
instead of depending on ideas and theories.” There is nothing reasonable or
logical in the president’s approach to the Middle East. No reasonable or
logical person would support a corrupt government (Palestinian Authority)
that supports and pays salaries to terrorists over a fully democratically
elected government where everyone’s rights, even those of their enemies,
are protected under the law.

Yes, Netanyahu is a “student of history.” But to his credit he is also
the pragmatic one. When an enemy states over and over again they are going to
annihilate you, you believe them and act accordingly. That is reasonable and
logical and proven by 2000 years of persecution. Unfortunately, many diaspora
Jews were afraid to do so before and during World War II and millions of Jews
died as a result. I thank Mr. Netanyahu for doing everything in his power to
prevent a repeat of that even if it makes him unpopular with liberal America.

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