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No Judaism Without Religion

No Judaism Without Religion

Enjoying gefilte fish or lox does not make one a Jew. (“Can ‘Jewish’ Be Defined In An Open Society?” Jan. 6)
Although “culture and peoplehood” may be an integral part of Judaism, absent religion, Judaism cannot survive. The study of Torah, observance of festivals, participation in Jewish communal organizations, and membership in a synagogue are necessary requisites for Judaism to endure.
“Caring for one’s fellow Jews” is admirable, even desirable, but does not make one Jewish. And, while “welcoming non-Jews” makes us feel good, it, too, inevitably leads to assimilation, the death knell of our religion. Most significantly, accepting that “intermarriage could be a blessing” will, in the end, destroy Judaism.
Let’s stop fooling ourselves; without religion, Judaism n’existe pas.


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