Nixing Nuke Deal A Mistake
Letters to the editor

Nixing Nuke Deal A Mistake

Israeli defense and security officials agreed that Iran was abiding by the agreement and that halting Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was in Israel’s best interests (“Bibi Wins On Nuke Deal, But Its Future Is Uncertain,” May 11).

Israel and the world are not safer today and if Iran decides to pursue nuclear weapons it will only become a stronger and more dangerous foe of the U.S. and Israel. Trump has also helped to ensure that (despite any posturing it will make) North Korea will not trust the U.S. enough to give up its nuclear arms. And America is now more isolated and thus weaker on the world stage, which will also hurt Israel. Moreover, the EU, Russia and China will not re-impose sanctions on Iran and will look to get around American sanctions. Netanyahu and Trump have put Israel and the world in great danger.


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