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New York’s Hot Race: A Vote For Schneiderman Is A Vote For Sharpton

New York’s Hot Race: A Vote For Schneiderman Is A Vote For Sharpton

Associate Editor

To some, there is nothing worse in this year’s election than the Tea Party candidates who have emerged out of nowhere, as if all Republican candidates are that, and they’re not.

Republican Dan Donovan, Staten Island’s DA who’s running for state attoney general, is as sober, experienced and trustworthy as anyone on the New York ballot.

Jewish leaders should have long ago set off an alarm regarding the attorney general’s race in New York, where Democrat Eric Schneiderman has spent the campaign fawning over Al Sharpton. Even the Village Voice sees what a disgrace this is.

Hey, don’t you think Al Sharpton is as weird and dangerous as the worst of the Tea Party? If you’re disturbed by Paladino — and not everybody is, not Seth Lipsky — why are you not disturbed by Al Sharpton being given top political protection and the run of the attorney general’s office?

Of course, nothing excites party hack liberal Jews like Schneiderman more than fantasies of the old black-Jewish alliance, even if the black is Al Sharpton, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us — the kind of Jews who remember Sharpton’s incitement during the pogrom in Crown Heights, and how he masterminded the assault on an innocent man and on decency in the Tawana Brawley case — shouldn’t be very concerned.

New York voters have rejected Sharpton at the polls at every opportunity, he shouldn’t get into Albany through the back door, thanks to Schneiderman and liberal Jewish voters. Albany is corrupt enough — and Schneiderman has been a big part of that disfunction and corruption — without us needing Al Sharpton hanging around like some Haman in the AG’s office, waiting to exploit trouble. There are plenty of scenarios in which New York can blow up like a busted radiator n the next four years, and Al Sharpton is on the wrong side of every possibility.

That’s all New York needs — a corrupt one-party Albany and then the worst of that party — Schneiderman and Sharpton — doing the law enforcement.

Schneiderman’s opponent, Dan Donovan, is a much better person and a much wiser choice. This may be the ultimate test for liberal Jews — are you so devoted to the corrupt one-party Albany that you must vote for a Democrat, even if he’s been part of the corruption, even if he’s in bed with Al Sharpton?

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