New Painting Signed By 26 Jewish Baseball Players

New Painting Signed By 26 Jewish Baseball Players

( — In the midst of the Major League Baseball playoffs, an artist came out with a new lithograph painting that depicts 27 Jewish baseball players and contains the signatures of 26 of them — all except the late Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg.

Ron Lewis’s painting includes signatures by the following living players, according to a press release: “Sandy Koufax, MVP award winners Al Rosen and Ryan Braun, Cy Young winner Steve Stone, All-Stars Shawn Green, Ian Kinsler, Kevin Youkilis, Brad Ausmus, Joe Horlen, Jason Marquis, and Richie Sheinblum, World Series players Art Shamsky, Gabe Kapler, Steve Yeager, Mike Epstein, and Scott Feldman, first designated hitter Ron Blomberg, plus Norm Sherry, (Dodgers player, Angels manager), John Grabow (.558 winning percentage), Craig Breslow (77 appearances in 2009), Norm Miller (10-year veteran), Ross Baumgarten (13-8 in 1979), Ike Davis (31 home runs in 2012), Sam Fuld (2011 Division champ), Ruben Amaro Jr., (now the Phillies GM), and ‘One More Pitch’ wonder Adam Greenberg.”

Lewis—whose previous works have centered on baseball’s 500-home-run club, 3,000-hit club, and 3,000-strikeout-pitcher club, as well as hockey’s 500-goal club—said in a statement that the new painting is “one of my most unique and finest pieces yet, with the details of Jewish history subliminally placed throughout the litho.”

The 24-by-36 inch painting is being sold in five editions. Details for orders are at

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