Never Again: 2002

Never Again: 2002

On the day that Jews remember the victims of the Holocaust, a rally in Manhattan this week protested a contemporary strain of European anti-Semitism.
On Yom HaShoah several dozen poster-carrying Jews, including Holocaust survivors and yeshiva students, marched in front of the French Consulate on the Upper East Side, prompted by a recent wave of attacks in France against members of the Jewish community and on Jewish buildings. The rally was led by the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha.
“On this Holocaust Memorial Day we say ‘Never again!,” said Rabbi Avi Weiss, below, Amcha national president.
The protestors shouted “Shame on France” and carried signs that stated “We Remember Vichy” and “We Remember Dreyfus” — in the foreground, above, is Tali Kohen from Ramaz High School.
“I want them to know the Jewish community is outraged,” Rabbi Weiss said of the consular officials. “I want them to hear angry Jews.
And in days to come, further rallies will follow … protesting terrorism against Jews in the Jewish state the rose from the ashes of the Holocaust.

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