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Need More Info On BDS Ban
Letters to the editor

Need More Info On BDS Ban

In re-reading Stewart Ain’s article on the Jewish Voice for Peace activists who were banned from boarding a Lufthansa flight for Israel, I could not help but notice that there was no mention of a request for comment from Lufthansa, or an effort to verify Rabbi Wise’s claim that Israel had indeed given the airline a list of people denied entry to the land, or from Rep. Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania, who was asked to investigate her claim (“New Charges In Wake Of Israel’s BDS Ban,” Aug. 4).

Without any verification from Lufthansa, we have no way of knowing if the carrier actually disclosed its reasons for denying passage to these five members of JVP. Likewise, until we learn the results of Mr. Evans’s inquiry, we cannot know if Rabbi Wise’s accusations of Israeli surveillance are only more of the vindictiveness we have come to expect from BDS and its affiliates. In light of the fact that 18 other members of the group’s delegation were able to enter Israel without incident, it is possible that there may be some other explanation, such as questionable online activities, which would raise a red flag with our own Department of Homeland Security. I’m looking forward to seeing the facts come to light as the story develops.


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