Need For Action On Iran

Need For Action On Iran

Your Editorial, “A Deal With The Devil” (July 17), sets forth very clearly many of the dangers of the pending deal with Iran, which now goes even beyond the granting of nuclear threshold capability to enabling Iran’s dangerous regional activities as well.

The moment of decision has arrived. With the signing in Vienna, the issue is no longer theoretical or hypothetical. President Obama has agreed to bless and legitimize Iran’s nuclear enrichment and weapons program, to abandon the quest for “anytime, anywhere” inspections, to begin to eliminate sanctions, which are our only leverage over Iran, and, among other things, to remove within several years the embargo on the sale to Iran of conventional weapons and ballistic missiles.

The rationale for the deal seems to be that, by courting Iran, we will win Iran’s favor and Iran will, in turn, abandon its quest for nuclear weapons. Will this work? No one can say that there is no chance of success. Reasonable people, however, can make judgments about the probability. I believe that the probability is extremely low.

The crux is whether the slim chance of Iranian behavior modification warrants the grave dangers of the deal. If readers of The Jewish Week are as concerned, troubled and frightened as I am, then it’s now time to so inform your senators and your representatives in the House. We cannot blithely assume that all hope is gone and let that be an excuse to do nothing on a matter that can affect the destiny of Israel and maybe even the United States.

Fairfield, Conn.

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