Need Anti-BDS Website

Need Anti-BDS Website

It’s a relief to see serious funding being channeled to counter vicious BDS accusations (“Emerging BDS Fight Is Inside Jewish Community,” June 19).  But along with directing money to campus programming and arming students with talking points to factually and articulately respond to Israel bashing, I hope that funds will be channeled to create a strong, visible, search engine-optimized website that provides facts to counter the fictions promoted by BDS.

This website is essential so that not just students — but also corporations being urged to divest from Israel, universities being asked to boycott Israeli academics, celebrities being asked to boycott performing in Israel and any person hearing horrific charges made against the only democracy in the Middle East and wanting to find out more online — can easily and quickly do so. Currently, anyone who Googles “BDS” will only find websites filled with vitriol and accusations of “apartheid,” “racism” and “colonialism” against Israel. We need to be on the front lines of the Internet war against Israel, providing a factual history of Arab attempts to wipe Israel off the face of the map from its earliest days, of consistent Palestinian rejections of Israel’s many offers of peace agreements and of chronic acts of terrorism that have been inflicted on Israel citizens.

Ideally, this site would be sponsored by a global coalition of organizations who believe in the legitimacy of Israel. They needn’t agree with every move Israel makes. They just need to believe in its legitimacy. We need … a robust site that will broadcast truths worldwide, 24/7.

Scarsdale, NY

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