N.Y. Head Of Racist Church Faults Jews

N.Y. Head Of Racist Church Faults Jews

The leader of the New York chapter of the World Church of the Creator says his group would be prepared to work with "righteous" Jews who "stand up against the mongrelization of the country" that he says most Jews support.

"We feel Jews are the principal impetus behind racial disintegration here," said "Rev. Kurt Schmitt," who said the name was a pseudonym to protect him and his church. "But if there are Jews prepared to stand up against the Sumner Redstones and Alan Greenspans, and repudiate parts of the Talmud, which we feel are very offensive, well, we don’t deny Jews have white genes."

Schmitt, who said he was 28, offered his comments in a telephone interview with The Jewish Week after an appearance last week on WNYC radio’s "Brian Lehr Show."

The church leader said his New York chapter meets about once a week and has about 10 members and 30 "associates." These were "white people who attend some of our activities, help distribute our literature and who will financially help our church," he explained.

Schmitt said his members came mostly from Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Though he would not reveal where they met for church activities, he said he would be opening a public "contact point" in the city soon.

Schmitt said he was ordained several years ago by Matthew Hale, the 27-year-old, Illinois-based leader of the racist church, which has gained wide prominence since being linked to Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, the avowed racist allegedly behind a wave of shootings of Jews, blacks and Asians in the Midwest two weeks ago. Smith, who was a member of the church, committed suicide while being pursued by Illinois state police.

On the radio program, Schmitt said he "neither condoned nor condemned" Smith’s alleged actions. He added he had no compassion for the families of those injured and killed as he reserved such feelings only for his own race.

"We don’t promote violence or illegality," he told The Jewish Week. "We simply have a fanatic love for our race."

Schmitt said his group did not seek to eliminate other races but only to "repatriate nonwhites to their ancestral homelands."

"We’d agree with the Meir Kahane group, that Jews should return to Israel," he said, referring to the late extreme right-wing nationalist Jewish leader. Similarly, he said, blacks should go to Africa. He condemned slavery as an "abomination" that had "ripped blacks from mother Africa," leading to today’s race problems here.

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