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Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters

I love the music of Pink Floyd, as well as Roger Waters. Much to my dismay,
he has placed me in a dilemma, now
making it difficult for me to appreciate his talents.

He is asking musicians to boycott Israel, which makes no sense, even for someone with anti-Israel views. Yes, “anti-Israel” is the new “anti-Semitic.” Israel, one of the
only countries in the Middle East where Waters could play and be safe, he
kvetches about. Let us not forget that his band, Pink Floyd, couldn’t stand
him. The world’s top rock and roll band gave him the boot.

While I won’t be burning my collectors’ edition gold-plated CDs or imported
LPs of Waters, I must denounce his apparent stupidity and lack of insight
concerning Israel’s right to defend herself, by any means necessary. Perhaps
Mr. Waters would prefer to perform in areas where he is less safe? Either way
he should focus more on his music and less on his biased, limited and
uneducated points concerning Israel and the Middle East.

As he discredits himself, his music and the legacy of Pink Floyd, perhaps he
will see the light, after being “Amused to Death.”


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