Moving Article About Days Of Awe

Moving Article About Days Of Awe

Thank you, Jonathan Mark, for writing the moving article about Matt Fenster and his courageous struggle (“Days Of Awe,” Sept. 30).

I did not know Matt, but learned of his illness last year through a donor drive. I was moved by his circumstances and sent a check. I remember asking myself, why him? Why does one get this adversity? We all get challenges, but they hopefully make us stronger. But his challenge was insurmountable. And it seemed to happen to a nice guy, one of us.

So I read the article — and I read it again. And I sat and considered my challenges — and counted my many blessings. While a sad story, you took the time to explain it in such a way as to make us think, and thank, and love. 

Matt Fenster left a family and a special legacy, but you told his story in a way that inspired me and affected me in a most positive way. Thank you.

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