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More Reaction to Grossman, Killer of Peggy Park

More Reaction to Grossman, Killer of Peggy Park

There were many thoughtful and complex positions among Orthodox Jews who had problems with various aspects of the campaign for Martin Grossman (killer of Peggy Park), let alone his beatification. Here’s a sampling: An editorial in Vos Is Neias, a item from Frum Satire, and two pieces from the Emes V’Emunah forum, here and here.

While the Orthodox grassroots were highly energized by the campaign to get Grossman off of death row, the other denominations considered the case, as well.

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism also asked for the governor’s mercy, though they did not make a special campaign out of it; the RAC opposes the death penalty for everyone, not just Jews.

The Conservative movement, said Rabbi Jack Moline, director of public policy for the Rabbinical Assembly, doesn’t have a specific policy on the death penalty, “so,” he said in a phone interview, “the question becomes, is there something unique about Mr. Grossman’s situation because of his Jewishness? I don’t think we were willing to go there.”

Several Florida papers couldn’t help but notice that Orthodox groups who never particularly cared about the death penalty before, suddenly were on the barricades for Grossman. Here’s a piece from the Tallahassee Democrat.

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