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More On Bone Marrow Donation

More On Bone Marrow Donation

As a result of last week’s post, I met another person this weekend who matched a recipient and completed the donation process, who also said the discomfort of the (now rare) surgical procedure was well worth the chance to save someone’s life. Some time after the donation this generous person received a letter from family members saying that although the patient did not survive, the donation may have added time and that there was certainly an infusion of hope that came with the blood cells.

Here is a link I should have posted last week about upcoming National Bone Marrow Donor Program drives in New York and New Jersey. You can also input your ZIP code to find drives elsewhere and, as I mentioned before, you can even order a check-swab kit to use at home.

If you have already joined the registry, keep in mind that you must update your contact information if you move. In my case I was contacted because my parents are still at the address where I lived at the time, but it never occurred to me to update, I wouldn’t have known where to call, and there were no Web sites. Even if you’re at the same location, adding cell phone or e-mail contacts can save much-needed time.

The donor I spoke with this weekend said he had come across other people who have hesitated to have halachic reservations about donation. It’s important to consult on such matters with authorities who are not only well versed in halacha but knowledgeable about medical and scientific issues as well, of which there are many.

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