More Intermarried Bloggers

More Intermarried Bloggers

This may come as a shock to you, but I am not the only intermarried mom who blogs about raising Jewish kids (among other in-the-mix-y topics). recently launched a fabulous new parenting blog, featuring a variety of nontraditional women (no men yet, but perhaps this is in the works) writing about raising Jewish kids. They include an Evangelical Christian woman who is married to a Jewish man and pregnant with her first child; a pregnant single Jewish woman; a woman who converted to Judaism three years ago after her oldest daughter’s bat mitzvah; and a gentile mom who has been married to a Jewish man for 15 years and is preparing for her oldest son’s bar mitzvah.

So far, the posts are thoughtful and engaging — wrestling with everything from how to choose a baby name that will please all family members, to planning a bar/bat mitzvah (I’m already dreading this, and my oldest daughter is only 8) to the challenges of mourning a Catholic mom when one is no longer Catholic.

I’m looking forward to keeping up with these women and seeing how they respond to the various adventures and challenges life throws their way. Is a reality show next? Yes, I know intermarriage has come up as a side issue on a few shows already, including “Russian Dolls.” (Incidentally, I was in Brighton Beach this weekend and saw no one remotely resembling the blinged-out and Botoxed-up cast. In fact, I encountered very few Russians under the age of 80.)

Anyway, I mean a reality show in which intermarriage is the focus. Perhaps it would be called “The Real Jewish Moms”? “Intermarried With Children”? “America’s Next Top Interfaith Family”? “Jew-sy Shore”?

Since I’m vaguely repulsed by the whole reality-show genre, I hope not. But if such a show does come to be, let’s pray they find someone cleverer than I am to come up with the title!

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