More Disinformation

More Disinformation

Gary Rosenblatt is correct that now is the time to support Jewish unity, as he wrote in “Promoting Disunity,” Editorial, June 5. But the rest of his screed directed against is just more disinformation.

Rosenblatt defends those groups that wreak havoc on Jewish unity with their false charges against Israel, and fellow Jews. Has he denounced them for damaging Jewish unity — or only the critics who call attention to their reckless lies against the Jewish state?

The New Israel Fund that Rosenblatt calls “progressive” directly funds Breaking the Silence, a nonprofit that published anonymous accusations against Israel, accusing young soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces of war crimes as they defended Israel against Hamas missiles and terror tunnels.

In this age of anti-Semitism, why does B’Tselem, which received $192,295 last year from the New Israel Fund, publish an Opinion essay in The New York Times the day after the Israel Day Parade, calling Israeli democracy a “charade?”

UJA-Federation is the only owner of the Jewish Communal Fund, whose board has two responsibilities, according to its bylaws: to be “committed to supporting causes that promote the welfare and security of the Jewish community here and abroad,” and to “deny any grant request where the purposes and activities of the recommended charitable organization are deemed to be adverse to the interests of the Jewish community.”

Wouldn’t charging Israelis with war crimes and calling the only democracy in the Middle East a “charade” be “adverse to the interests of the Jewish community?”

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