More Damage Than Good

More Damage Than Good

The Editorial, “Making Mischief Of The Parade,” (April 11) stated that the Celebrate Israel parade is celebratory, and not political. But in allowing certain groups to march, it is the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and UJA-Federation of New York that have actually politicized the event and created unnecessary controversy. Supporters of Israel with differing views have every right to march in the parade. But they shouldn’t be allowed to march under a banner that supports the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. That does more damage than good. The BDS supporters give added incentive to Israel’s enemies to ask yet more concessions while giving nothing in return.

   Israel is dealing with an intractable enemy that wants nothing less than the end of the Jewish state. History and common sense should tell us the problem is not the West Bank settlements but the Palestinians’ hatred of Jews. I would not be surprised if contributors to UJA will think twice before allotting money to a great Jewish philanthropic organization because of its misguided and muddle headed policy in this matter. I know I will.

Fresh Meadows, Queens

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