Mixed Seating On Airplanes

Mixed Seating On Airplanes

Just an obvious FYI regarding the Jan. 27 story, “RCA OKs Mixed Seating On Planes”: If you fly on a Gulf Airline such as Emirates, Qatar or Etihad, it is understood that if a man is seated between two religious ladies, he will be moved. It’s not an argument — modesty requires that in the culture.

It reminds me of the story of a chasidic man traveling in a bus next to a secular Jewish person. In short, when he said he was Amish, the secular person said: You are so culturally interesting, keeping your historic traditions, etc., and all was well. But when he said he was actually a chasid, he was told: You are backward, not acknowledging the modern situation, etc.

Let’s keep the balance of religion and human respect alive in the Jewish space, too.


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