Misuse Of Labels

Misuse Of Labels

One may safely leave it to The David Project, apparently, to confuse the issue by the convenient misuse of labels (“’Liberals’ And ‘Leftists’ Are Not The Same,” Opinion, Nov. 30).

One need not be on the left to believe that there is a measure of exploitation in imperialism, that wealth and poverty do in many cases stand in a causal relationship, and that Israel, especially through its current right-wing policies, causes needless additional Palestinian suffering. 

One need not be on the left to believe that it would have been in Israel’s best interest to support the Palestinian bid for United Nations observer status rather than to engage in threats and fulminations, only to have to back down and accept the new reality afterward. 

To engage in labeling may be an excuse for blind adherence to current Israeli government policy, rather than the objective analysis of each policy on its merits. Greater taxes on the wealthy might even be in the interest of the rich. And a Palestinian state that is a full member of the United Nations may be in Israel’s interest as much as in the Palestinians’. 

Some issues are too complex for labeling


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