Missing Windows: An ‘Act Of Kindness’

Missing Windows: An ‘Act Of Kindness’

Your headline, “The Mystery Of The Missing Stained Glass Windows” (April 3) is misleading, as there is no mystery of the windows at all.
They are being put to good use rather than having been demolished as was
their destiny. The only mystery is why Mr. [Melvyn] Freid believes he has any rights
to the windows himself to assert a claim.

The only value these windows had
was to a congregation with building plans. By 2006, the assets of the
congregation [Beth Israel of Mahanoy, Pa.] had been sold and the windows and pews remained without any
offers having been received, despite their “fair market value.” This sounds
very much like a man traumatized by the embarrassment of not being aware that
his parents’ plots were not being cared for and feeling obligated to pay out
of pocket to mow the lawn for his cousin’s occasional visits, now that the
society responsible for its care is bereft of assets.

It is certainly
unfortunate that the Jewish cemetery is in disrepair, but that is not the
result of any act by Phil Brill or Eitz Chayim [the Dogwood Park synagogue on Long Island’s South Shore, where Mr. Brill is an officer]. Rather, that was an
inevitability unrelated to the windows. Phil Brill performed an act of
kindness, not only to the families of those who dedicated and donated the
windows to be used to spiritually uplift the prayers of a congregation and to
the former members of the Beth Israel congregation. Phil Brill performed an
act of kindness to the windows themselves.


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