Missing Information

Missing Information

I usually enjoy reading everything that Jonathan Mark writes. But his column about the Leo Frank case is astonishing in what it leaves out (“Postcards Of The Hanging,” March 4).

In a long article, there isn’t a single mention of the near-deathbed confession by an elderly man, 69 years after the fact, that he himself saw the actual murderer, and it wasn’t Leo Frank.

It’s not clear if this omission is in the exhibit that Mr. Mark describes or in the article itself. But it makes no difference. No account of Leo Frank’s trial and lynching is complete without this fact.

W. Hempstead, L.I.

Editor’s Note: Jonathan Mark’s article focused on the exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. An earlier article of his on the Frank case dealt with Alonzo Mann’s deathbed testimony and noted that it was not considered conclusive by the legal authorities in Georgia.

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