‘Misplaced Compassion’

‘Misplaced Compassion’

The opinion piece by Gerald Steinberg was the best, and made more sense than so many other articles I read (“Beyond Tikkun Olam: An Agenda For Tisha B’Av,” July 19). In fact, I sent it to many of my friends. 

I have tried to figure out why some Jews have “misplaced compassion.” They feel more sympathy for the Palestinians, who claim they are victims, than they do for their own people. Don’t they realize it is all there in black and white? The Palestinian charter does not have Israel on the map. A Palestinian state would be devoid of Jews. If they could, they would destroy Israel.  

Jews, especially, should be concerned with taking care of their own, and they should especially be concerned with the safety and security of Israel as it may be a place of refuge for them some day. 

Orlando, Fla.

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