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Misleading On JStreet

Misleading On JStreet

Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “The Wrong Way To Fight BDS” (Oct. 16), states that J Street is a “group that often criticizes Israeli policy
but opposes BDS.” That is incorrect, misleading and dangerous.

J Street does not oppose BDS. This is J Street’s published position:

“Principle #3: We do not oppose boycott, divestment, or sanctions initiatives
that explicitly support a two-state solution, recognize Israel’s right to
exist, and focus only on occupied territory beyond the Green Line.”

It is deeply disturbing that The Jewish Week is advocating for J Street to
promote Israel on campuses. As Alan Dershowitz said of J Street: “How can you
be a ‘pro-Israel’ organization and never express any pro-Israel views?”

Further J Street has hosted at its national conference such pro-BDS stars as
Mustafa Barghouti, leader of the BDS movement, and Rebecca Vilkomerson of
Jewish Voice for Peace, a BDS activist organization. How can J Street then claim
to be against BDS?

Simple answer: J Street is not against BDS.

Allowing J Street to represent the pro-Israel position on campuses is like
allowing the fox to guard the hen house. Shame on you.

Editor’s Note: The BDS movement endorses the “right of return,” calling for Palestinians to “return” to their homes in Israel, which would dramatically shift the country’s demographics. J Street calls for Palestinians to settle in a Palestinian state, with perhaps a “symbolic” number settling in Israel as part of a peace agreement.

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