Misleading Message

Misleading Message

Your Editorial about Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the UN and Dani Dayan, newly appointed Israeli Consul-General in NY, is unfortunately misleading. (“Goodbye Brazil, Hello New York,” March 25.)

You pronounce that “the latest appointment may well cause confusion, if not disappointment, among American Jews who overwhelmingly support a two-state solution.” I don’t know upon what you base this statement, but to my knowledge, most Americans, Jews and Christians understand that there is no partner for peace on the Arab side, so talk of a two-state solution is nonsense.

The majority of Israelis understand this also. What purpose does it serve your readers to suggest that the common sense understanding of both Danon and Dayan is in conflict with that of the “official stand of the government”? Certainly, Prime Minister Netanyahu knows what he is doing in making these appointments. He is undoubtedly sending the message that this “official stand” may not be “authentic,” and with good reason. It is absurd. 

Executive Director, Americans for a Safe Israel 


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