Misleading Headline

Misleading Headline

 I was puzzled as to why you chose the headline, “Jewish Leaders Back Islamic Center” (June 4). I read the article from start to finish and there was no indication that a majority of Jewish leaders are for this building. It was inaccurate and didn’t reflect at all what the article said. The writer quoted two parents who lost children in 9/11, neither of whom are Jewish leaders. Further into the article he quoted Daisy Kahn, a leader but not Jewish, and finally he quoted four rabbis, two “Jewish figures,” a “right-wing” activist and one secular Jewish leader, Ron Meier of the Anti-Defamation League.

So a total of five Jewish leaders were interviewed. Of these five, only Rabbi Joy Levitt seemed to endorse the idea. Rabbis Weiss and Weintraub said they’d prefer a multicultural center, Rabbi Boteach indicated he was against it and Meier didn’t say whether he was for or against it. 

I wonder why you decided to write a headline that indicated the Jewish community supported this “Islamic Center” when in reality the support isn’t there.



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