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Misguided Editorial

Misguided Editorial

Your editorial “Guilty of Praying” (Dec. 11) is so misguided I do not know where to begin. Since when does one person have the right to change Torah law and claim one of the Jewish peoples’ holiest sites as her own? Because she feels it is her right to pray in the men’s section?

I guarantee that if Nofrat Frenkel entered a Japanese temple she would never wear shoes. She would respect the Japanese tradition. Yet she has the audacity to desecrate a standing Jewish institution. If she feels Orthodoxy is not right, she has the freedom to start her own religion just as the Protestants did. She can build her own Wailing Wall and start any congregation she feels the need to establish. However, she does not have the right to commandeer a standing Orthodox institution and demand they accommodate her misguided beliefs.


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