Midnight In Times Square

Midnight In Times Square

Sandee is the arts and culture editor at the Jewish Week.

Tonight at 11:57, and every night through the end of August, those passing through Times Square will have the opportunity to see artist Jack Goldstein’s film “The Jump” on more than 15 large digital screens, usually displaying ads.

The 1978 3-minute film, now part of a retrospective exhibition of Goldstein’s work at The Jewish Museum (on view until September 29th), features four color sequences of a high diver, soaring and turning, appearing and disappearing, after each jump. The diver’s body appears as a set of twinkling red and gold lights, set against a black background. Goldstein is one of the key figures associated with the Pictures Generation, along with artists like Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo.

In a showcase of lights and art known as “Midnight Moment,” “The Jump” will be visible all over Times Square, on electronic billboards and newspaper kiosks, all synchronized. “Midnight Moment” is organized by the Times Square Advertising Coalition, in partnership with Times Square Arts.

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