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Make Israeli Arabs More Responsible

Make Israeli Arabs More Responsible

When will people like Manuel Trajtenberg start putting responsibilities on Israeli Arabs rather than solely on the shoulders of other Israelis (“Federation Leaders Pressed On Arab Integration,” Feb. 15)?

Majorities have responsibilities, but so do minorities. African-Americans, an enslaved and discriminated-against minority in the U.S., have served and died in every American war. American Indians, whose lands were clearly stolen and who were slaughtered, have also served and died in American wars.

In contrast Israeli Arabs demand special treatment, while not honoring the Israeli flag or supporting the state in any way. They don’t do national service as an alternative to joining the Israel Defense Forces. They wave the Palestinian flag. Some have aided and abetted terrorism. 

Perhaps someday, Trajtenberg and others will speak to Israeli Arabs the words similar to President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address: Ask not what Israel must do for you, but what you can do for Israel. 

The same can and should be said to Jews like the haredim in Israel who refuse national service.

Silver Spring, Md.

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