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Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

Outside the SuperDeal in Talpiyot I fumbled to lock my cart and retrieve my five shekel piece when a very cute guy appeared. "Do you want my cart?" I asked, confused because there was a whole fleet of empty carts that he could have taken instead of waiting for mine.

"What do you think?" he asked. "Am I standing here for my health?”


“Or am I here because I think you’re pretty?"

"Maybe," I said.

"You’re right!" he said, handing me my five shekels and taking my cart.

"You’re pretty and a sweetie!" he called after me as I trudged down Pierre Koenig street on my way home, wondering whether I should have stood there a while longer and let him ask for my phone number. Or was he possibly just dispensing good cheer? Like maybe he just read whoever is the Israeli equivalent of Dale Carnegie. Or he’s in the Forum or something. Maybe he’s practicing spreading the love.

Or maybe I need to not run away so quickly. Maybe there is some truth to the notion that even though I want to meet someone, something deep inside of me is frightened.

On the other hand, as my good friend, Tevye, would say, maybe it’s just embarrassing being picked up by a total stranger, in broad daylight, in the parking lot of the SuperDeal.

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