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Lost, Lonely & Vicious

Lost, Lonely & Vicious

Associate Editor

Something Vicious: This is the ultimate extention of British Mandate-Obama Mandate logic. The UK has banned an ad for Israeli tourism because it shows the Western Wall. The Kotel, of course, was always part of Israel. Where else would the Temple have been built?

According to the rigid Obama Mandate, which I assume was given to him by the League of Nations or J Street, everything Israel does over the Green Line is wrong. The Kotel (Western Wall) was liberated in the same battle that liberated the Ramat Shlomo area — site of the Jewish apartment complex that has made the Obama people livid. The Kotel is in "occupied territory," according to Obama and the British, every bit as much as that Ramat Shlomo apartment building. Jews cannot even use the Kotel in an advertisement, let alone build an apartment house several miles away.

As you can see in this Telegraph headline, the Western Wall is as much a part of the "occupied territories" as a mobile home on a distant hilltop. Or maybe it shows how intellectually lazy and perverse the whole idea of "occupied" has become.

I happen to like that the Kotel cannot be advertised by Israel in England. It demonstrates with remarkable clarity the absurdity and even the viciousness of the J Street-Obama-European attitudes on Jerusalem and how far the Obama attack can extend — all the way up to the Kotel.

Something Lost: The Obama White House and their followers will be quick to tell you — without any evidence — that Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio, and the Tea Parties are inciting violence and all the worst instincts of humanity. At the same time, the White House has directed that words like Islamic terror and Jihad be sanitized from official documents — although there is plenty of evidence that Islamists have committed at least a few more murders than anyone connected to the Tea Party or talk radio.

The New York Times, a consistent sanitizer of Islamic extremisim, has been going along with Obama’s Orwellian ideal. Therefore a recent front page story, the murder of 38 people in Russia by a Muslim insurgency was not headlined "Islamic Suicide Bombers Strike At Moscow" but "Female Suicide Bombers Strike At Moscow Subway” (March 30, there is no online link to the front page headline) as if the terrorists were motivated by their feminism rather than their Islamic fascism. This was similar to the story of the foiled plot by four Islamic men to bomb two Riverdale synagogues.In that story the word "Muslim" does not appear in the story until the ninth paragraph. When it comes to journalism, this is the Times being thoroughly lost, unable to allow the simple and proper telling of who, what, when, where and why.

Something Lonely: Speaking of the Kotel, and with Yom Ha’atzmaut coming up, it’s getting lonely, those of us who remember the heady days after the Six Day War, and how the excitement rippled into the Village, here in Manhattan, into clubs such as the Feenjon on McDougal Street. The club, owned by Menachem Dworman, put out an album "Jerusalem of Gold," featuring the music by the Feenjon Group that was heard nightly in the club, not long after the war. Check out the songs:

(Side One)

1: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav,

2: Migdalim

3: Erev Ba

4: Chiri-Bim

5: Habena Badena (Arabic, meaning "We Love Each Other)

6: Rad Ha’laila

(Side Two)

1: Aravah

2: Rumania

3: Daber Elau Bifrachim

4: Rachel

5: Shiftatelli (Arabic)

6: Ayil, Ayil

And here is the WABC Top 100 from that same year. People think of 1967 as the peak of the Summer of Love and psychedic music but looking at the charts, it was far more conventional than memory lets on.

I think of the excitement of Jerusalem 1967 and the people I knew back then and I start feeling lonely.

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