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Looking Up: 24 Countries Walk Out On Iran

Looking Up: 24 Countries Walk Out On Iran

Associate Editor

Here is the list of the countries whose delegates walked out when Ahmadinejad ascended to the UN podium (at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference) and started his usual anti-Israel, anti-US diatribe. Most interesting and hopeful, is that one delegate from an Arab-Islamic country — Morocco — walked out, as well. For all those who continue to link modern German and Poland to the crimes of yesterday, it should be noted that Germany and Poland also walked out on the Holocaust denier and threat to Israel.

If Abraham could argue that Sodom should not be destroyed if there were even ten good people in that city, we are now down to 24 countries (including Israel) in the world, or the UN, at least. Perhaps it is more correct and optimistic to say that we’re up to 24 countries, considering that Morocco is among them. It wasn’t that long ago, in our grandparents’ generation, that several of the countries on this list were thought of as pathologically hostile, but the world has a way of turning; they are now among the good guys, at least on Iran.

1- United States
2- Australia
3- Austria
4- Belgium
5- Bulgaria
6- Croatia
7- Czech Republic
8- Denmark
9- Finland
10- France
11- Germany
12- Hungary
13- Italy
14- Latvia
15- Lithuania
16- Morocco
17- Netherlands
18- New Zealand
19- Poland
20- Romania
21- Slovakia
22- United Kingdom
23- Canada (reportedly boycotted the speech from the outset).

Of course, all this is just symbolism. As of now, not one of these countries — beginning with the United States — can be trusted with stopping Iran. Here’s a story in the London Times, on the need to get serious and how to do so. It’s not just enough to walk out but to walk the line.

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