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Look Who Loves Obama!

Look Who Loves Obama!

Associate Editor

Why are Jews so out of sync with the world? Why can’t we see all that’s beautiful about Obama the way Libya’s Gaddafi can? Did you notice the way he keeps bringing up Obama’s Muslim father? I guess he didn’t he read all those editorials and columns in Jewish newspapers, back in 2008, saying no one should ever bring up Obama’s connections to Islam. But really, what did all those Jews really know about Obama and Islam?

"I really endorse and support the policies that he has adopted so far," said Gaddafi this week of "our son Barack Obama," explaining and translating Obama’s name from the Arabic as, "Barakah — blessing."

"We would like to greet the American people who voted for their son, Mr. Barack Obama." said Gaddafi. "He is from Africa… The Muslim world welcomed very much the arrival of Obama to the presidency, because the ordinary citizen knows that President Obama is a youth of an African descent. He comes from, originally, from a Muslim family, maybe even of an Arab origin. . . . And at least psychologically, it was very useful."

He just loves the way Obama is squeezing Israel. It is very useful. After all, reports Dana Mibank in the Washington Post, Gaddadi compares the Palestinian plight to what the Jews "suffered under Hitler." He wants a "final solution," in which Israel must give up its nuclear weapons and become one state with Palestine to be called "Isratine." And then Israel will not be destroyed, really, Obama says so.

Last Sunday, at the pro-Israel rally in Manhattan, some protestors held up a sign, "Obama’s Mideast Policy [equals] Final Solution." At first, I thought that sign was not "civil." Obnoxious, even. There’s a problem with civility in America. But wait. Gaddafi, who is pro-Obama and supporive of a "final solution," can look at the sign and and think, yes, "Obama’s Mideast Policy [equals] Final Solution." Strange.

The main thing is, now that Bush is gone, Obama is restoring America’s honor in the world. And all of this, says Gaddafi, adds up to why Libya’s "relations are really excellent" with the United States. Really excellent. No one says that America’s relations with Israel are excellent but our relations with Libya? Terrific, says Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, what do you think would have been the reaction if at a Tea Party rally someone — say, Sara Palin — told an anti-Semitic joke? Wouldn’t we take that as proof of how the Tea Party surely is anti-Semitic at its core, and so bad for the Jews? The Jewish Week headlined, not that long ago, "Tea Party Revolution Could Undermine Republican Jewish Outreach."

Wouldn’t Democrats like to think so.

Forget Republican Jewish outreach, Nothing does more for Republican Jewish outreach than Obama’s Islamic outreach — as documented in the Jerusalem Post and on the front page of the Times — and the fact that even at Brandeis University, the "progressive" students who surely support Obama are fighting to stop Israel Ambassador Michael Oren from speaking at graduation. All that might very well help the Republicans without Republicans having to do anything except clip and e-mail.

Republicans are already the party of Zionists. A Gallup Poll shows that 85 percent of Republicans support Israel but only 48 percent of the Obama-led Democrats support Israel.

And now Obama’s national security adviser, Jim Jones, famously tells an anti-Semitic joke about cheap and devious Jews.

Huffington Post (Aug. 26) headlined, "Jim Jones Joke About Jewish Storeowner… Attacked By Conservatives." Why only conservatives? If Jones told a similar joke about gays or blacks or women or Latinos, do you think only conservatives would react? No matter how much anyone on the left supported Obama, would they not have reacted with outrage to a joke that played on anti-black or anti-gay stereotypes? But in the Obama era, when Obama’s opponents are so often lectured about the need for civility, here comes someone from the White House telling a cheap-Jew joke. And no one cares, only conservatives, says the Hufington Post.

Plenty of Jews always rush to the side any other ethnic group. Jews are now rushing to Arizona to be by the side of criminal Latino illegal immigrants. How many Latinos do you think objected to the anti-Semitic joke, one or zero?

What do you think the reaction would be if that joke was told at a Tea Party convention or at a Tea Party rally? Except there are no such jokes being told by Tea Party people, no anti-Israel placards wave at Tea Party rallies the way they often did at anti-Bush rallies, and no Republican college kids or Tea Party people are attacking Ambassador Oren at one campus after another. Say what you will about Republicans but that’s not where the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rage is coming from.

Gaddafi gets it. He supports Obama.

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