Long History Of Mayhem

Long History Of Mayhem

Thanks to The Jewish Week for documenting an important part of the record of Iran’s state sponsored terrorism (“Iran’s Role Recalled On AMIA Anniversary, Editorial, July 24”).

No one can look at the specifics — Iran’s role in the murder of 241 American Marines in Lebanon in 1983, the current holding of four American hostages, sponsoring terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas, destabilizing Yemen, the bombings in Argentina, a number of assassination attempts — and still support giving Iran the outrageous sum of $150 billion. It will make the Mideast and entire world considerably more dangerous, leading to the murders of more Arabs, more Americans and more Israelis. 

The U.S. should not be rewarding criminal Iran with blood money for promises (which few believe will be carried out) to restrict their already illegal nuclear programs. Doing so is handing over power to the immoral United Nations, an end-run around our elected representatives, a defeat for the free world and humiliation for America.


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