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Live From Write On For Israel, Day One
Write On For Israel 2020

Live From Write On For Israel, Day One

  • All photos courtesy of Tuvia Book.
    All photos courtesy of Tuvia Book.

This is the first in a series of live dispatches from our Write On For Israel students during their trip to Israel. Write On For Israel is a leadership training program for high school students. You can find out more about the program here, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for live updates throughout the trip.

Fresh off the plane, the Write On group made a quick stop for breakfast and then headed straight to Gamla National Park for a scenic nature walk. After seeing the biggest waterfall in Israel, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of pita and hummus. We then headed to Tel Asaki, one of the Israeli fortresses along the Syrian border meant to protect the Golan Heights. There, we were updated on Syrian and Iranian conflicts. Our group competed in the “bunker challenge” which gave us a taste of the foundational values of the IDF and heard the story of Battalion 188 in the Yom Kippur war. Twenty-eight besieged soldiers beat the odds and managed to survive 36 hours in a bunker despite critical injuries and no food or water. This story, as well as our challenge, displayed the importance of teamwork and critical thinking. As described by our leader Captain Yaakov, this history helps us to understand why we stand-up for Israel and helps us grow into the next generation of leaders.

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