Lin-Manuel Miranda To Write New ‘Lewsical’

Lin-Manuel Miranda To Write New ‘Lewsical’

New York — Following the success of the smash hit musical “Hamilton,” chronicling the life and legacy of the “ten dollar founding father” Alexander Hamilton, creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has already begun working on his next project: a hip hop musical about Jacob “Jack” Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury.

Miranda said he found inspiration for the musical in learning that Lew, a Sabbath observer, leaves the office before sundown every Friday and is known for his “owlish glasses and low-key manner.”

“Not exactly high drama, but I love challenges,” Miranda said. “Plus ‘Lew’ rhymes with ‘Jew.’ It basically writes itself. And the story of a Jewish guy dealing with big bucks is totally fresh and unexpected. I can’t wait to hear what people think.”

Early drafts of songs include titles such as “My Schnapps,” “The Ten Real Commandments,” and “What’d I Miss (Over Shabbat).”