Limited Room

Limited Room

In response to “Safe Space for Orthodox Gays” (April 17), some suggestions by Merchav Batuah are positive. Certainly, students
should not be forced to go through reparative
therapy, which has long-term harmful effects. 
Nor should an Orthodox organization force
out a gay member just as it should not
force out those who do not keep kosher
or Shabbat. 

However, there are limitations
on the extent of the outreach. The
same sex intimacy is incompatible with
Orthodox practice. Contrary to the
protestation of Eshel, JQY, and
Keshet, a gay man or lesbian woman cannot be
fully Orthodox unless he or she is
celibate. If the gay
or lesbian cannot accept the fact that
the lifestyle is not accordance with
Orthodox Judaism, he or she should
find a home in the Conservative

Fair Lawn, NJ

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