Lifetime To Pitch A ‘Red Tent’

Lifetime To Pitch A ‘Red Tent’

"The Red Tent" is becoming a miniseries. And it's about time.

Anita Diamant's 1997 bestselling novel tells the story of the matriarchs through the voice of Jacob's daughter Dinah, and offers a glimpse into the imagined world of the women, particularly Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah. According to Deadline, the film is slated as a two-night event on Lifetime, and its stars will include Rebecca Ferguson as Dinah, Minnie Driver as Leah and Debra Winger as Rebecca.

While it is disappointing how white and gentile the cast is to portray women from the Middle East (and of the cast announced, only Winger is confirmed as Jewish), the miniseries could be an exciting turn of events. Cheesy bible narratives have been all the rage on television lately, but they've tended to be both Christian and fairly traditional in bent. This could evoke the 2001 television adaptation of "Mists of Avalon," the feminist Arthurian novel.

This novel is a cultural touchstone for many young Jewish feminists. So I propose "Red Tent" viewing parties, where women hang red sheets around their homes, make popcorn and toy with the notion of paganism as a reclamation of authentic feminine spirituality.

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