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Libya Praised For Human Rights Record

Libya Praised For Human Rights Record

Purim Spoof 2011

Libya, the only country whose leader’s official title is Strongman, and infamous for its utter disregard for the life of its citizens, who live in constant fear, has been given a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The council is responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe, except Israel.

The election, which took place May 2010, was…. Whoops, hold on. This story doesn’t belong in the Purim Spoof issue. It’s true. Sorry.

In other news from Libya, Strongman Qadaffi revealed today that if tried at the Hague for murdering his countrymen, he will insist that he is bipolar and not to blame for his actions, claiming he has proof this defense has been used successfully in other famous cases.

He said that he has always been attracted to bizarre behavior and that he chose his own name as a child, based on his favorite comic book character, Qadaffi Q’duck.