Let Us Have A Say

Let Us Have A Say

Regarding your Editorial, “Israel’s Paradigm Shift On The Diaspora”
(Feb. 21), one obvious way to involve the diaspora leaps to mind. Israel
could establish an online registry of Jews abroad who could then vote online, in non-binding referendums, on subjects about which the Knesset or the prime
minister thought the world Jewish community should be consulted. Such a
possibility of voting together, as a people, on issues of major importance, 
would involve the diaspora community in Israeli and Jewish affairs in an
intimate way, a way in which they have never before been involved. It would
also speak volumes to the world that Israel is, indeed, a state of the Jewish
Questions such as whether conversion should be supervised only by the Chief
Rabbinate, or whether women should be allowed to pray at the Kotel and under
what circumstances, or, even, whether Israel should accept a proposed peace
proposal, could be posed online, and Jews around the world could vote online.

Any such referendum would not be binding, but merely advisory, because Jews
who are not paying taxes and serving the state would not be entitled to
binding votes. But it would provide a voice and sense of participation in the
Jewish people everywhere, and it would provide to the Israeli government
advice on the will of its broadest constituency.

Such a voting platform could be a model for fresh participatory democracy in
the world. It could be created relatively inexpensively, it could show off
Israel’s first-class software development industry and it could draw Jews
throughout the world closer to the ideal of Am Echad (One People).


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