Left Out Old Broadway Synagogue
Letters to the editor

Left Out Old Broadway Synagogue

In “Jewish Revival In Harlem Testing Gentrification Script” (Sept. 7), there is a photo of the exterior of a beautiful, vibrant and diverse synagogue in Harlem, Old Broadway Synagogue, but no mention of it in the article, despite its growth in conjunction with the neighborhood’s Jewish revival.

Since 1911, Old Broadway Synagogue has been an ongoing presence in the Harlem community due to its warm, welcoming nature. The synagogue has been an integral part of the neighborhood, first in its founding by Jewish shopkeepers who lived in the area and later as a haven for Holocaust survivors who came to the community after the war. Students made their way there from the various schools in the area for decades and today the synagogue is also enjoying a renaissance as more Jews move into the vicinity.

The omission of any mention but inclusion of the photo is a major error. Old Broadway Synagogue is an example of the types of small, close-knit community shuls that once thrived throughout the boroughs. These congregations should be cherished and supported as unique and special communities that add to the rich fabric of Jewish New York. Old Broadway Synagogue offers a further option to the panoply of community institutions by providing a mainstream Orthodox choice in Harlem.

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