‘Left Field’ More Fitting
Letters To The Editor

‘Left Field’ More Fitting

The title “Center Field,” which you have applied to your new monthly column by Michael Koplow of the Israel Policy Forum is misleading. It suggests that Koplow represents a centrist position on Israeli politics and that is not true.

JTA reported on April 15, 1993, that the Israel Policy Forum was being created by Israel’s Labor Party in order “to support the party’s ideas.” On May 20, 1994, JTA described the IPF as “an American Jewish group linked to the Israeli Labor Party.” Similar characterizations have appeared in The New York Times (Sept. 3, 1994) and other major news media.

The IPF’s own leading supporters have not been shy about the group’s origins. Earlier this year, Rabbi John L. Rosove (co-chair of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet) wrote in The Times of Israel that “Yitzhak Rabin called upon Jonathan Jacoby to create a new American political organization called ‘The Israel Policy Forum’ … The IPF served as the precursor to J Street.”

Since the Israel Policy Forum was founded by an Israeli political party which only won six Knesset seats in the most recent election, it therefore can be said to represent only 5 percent of the Israeli public. That hardly qualifies as “center field” on the political spectrum.

National Director, Herut North America, U.S. Division – The Jabotinsky Movement

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