Kotel Coverage Not True

Kotel Coverage Not True

Regarding “Chaos At The Kotel” (July 12), I am extremely disappointed by the one-sided nature of this “article.”

It should be labeled an opinion piece, as the majority of the information consisted of half-truths, exaggerations and lies. Was the writer of this article at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh? All the articles and pictures I saw from the Kotel show 7,000 girls peacefully praying there until about 200 women and men from Women Of The Wall came with their cameramen and reporters and the women started singing loudly. Unfortunately about 50 male and 20 female Orthodox Jews protested loudly. Three females had whistles; two people threw eggs. Four people we arrested. 

Please get your facts straight. You are hurting all of Israel and all Jews with your lies.

Editor’s Note: We stand by the firsthand report from our Jerusalem-based correspondent Michele Chabin, who was injured at the Rosh Chodesh service by a woman protesting against the Women of the Wall.

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