Kosher Inspection Should Be Strict

Kosher Inspection Should Be Strict

I read with interest your article, “5 Town Rabbis Want Answers On Zomick’s Infestation” (July 19), and see the same
issues as I see here in New York City with Restaurant Health Department
inspections, and at local Manhattan kosher supermarkets. Denial that
there is a problem. Denial that there is anything wrong. Denial that the
state inspectors know what actually goes on in their shop. Denial about
everything found during an inspection. As a person who relies on kosher
establishments for my food, I am shocked by the responses from Zomick’s
published in the article.

Kosher establishments need to lose their kashrut certificate if they fail a
health inspection or a restaurant gets less than an A on an inspection, and the
business should be forced to close down until all issues are resolved, no
exception. Being under rabbinical supervision should also mean something. I pay a premium for kosher
food, and I expect that premium to go towards rabbinical oversight, ensuring
my food conforms to the rules of kashrut. Why am I paying a premium to places
that fail their health inspections for reasons that would violate kashrut, and
also could possibly make me sick? It makes me wonder where the premium I am
paying is going, as it doesn’t appear to be going towards implementing health
department suggestions, or ensuring my food is free of bugs.


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