Koch Off Base

Koch Off Base

Former Mayor Ed Koch’s suggestion that Jews should vote against Democratic candidate David Weprin in order to protest President Barack Obama’s policies on Israel is ridiculous on a number of counts (“Battle Is On To Succeed Weiner,” July 15).

Like most U.S. Jews and many Israeli military and security experts, Obama recognizes that a just, sustainable, comprehensive two-state solution is essential in order for Israel to avoid another intifada and/or war, to be able to solve its many economic, environmental and other domestic problems, and to remain a Jewish, democratic state. Like Israeli President Shimon Peres, Obama recognizes that Israel is approaching a wall in terms of an imminent UN General Assembly declaration of a Palestinian state, and he is doing all he can to avoid that outcome. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials, U.S.-Israeli security cooperation is as good or better than ever.

In addition, Koch’s endorsement of a Republican is contrary to values he has fought for during most of his life, since the present Republican Party is increasingly dominated by the very conservative Tea Party, has very few moderates and has been holding the nation hostage so that the wealthiest Americans and highly profitable corporations can continue to get tax breaks, even though this means cuts in basic services that middle class and poor Americans depend on.


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