Kahane’s Grandson Banned From West Bank By Israel

Kahane’s Grandson Banned From West Bank By Israel

Israel has barred the grandson of Meir Kahane from entering the West Bank for at least three months.

The Israel Defense Forces issued the order Thursday against Meir Ettinger at Jerusalem’s French Hill junction. Ettinger associates told Haaretz that he was banned for his involvement in a self-defense course for residents of illegal West Bank outposts that encourages them to be more violent.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Ettinger was served the order over concerns of an escalation of violence in the West Bank in the wake of the Palestinians’ statehood bid this week in the United Nations.

Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League, was elected to the Knesset in 1984 but kicked out four years later by a law that banned parties deemed racist by other lawmakers. He was murdered by an Arab terrorist in 1990, and his son, Binyamin, who sought to take his place in the Kach movement, was murdered 10 years later, along with his wife, Talia, by three terrorists on the West Bank.

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