Jobs For Ethiopian Israelis

Jobs For Ethiopian Israelis

Olim B’Yachad is run by good people who do important work (“Finding Jobs, And Hope, For Ethiopian Gen-Xers,” Feb. 26). But it should have been noted in the article that Danny Negra, one of its stars, is a graduate of the IDC in Herzliya, where I started the Israel At Heart program five years go for Ethiopian Israelis. We now have more than 45 students there on full scholarships, with special English tutors and a wonderful young Ethiopian woman named Ester David, who works full time recruiting the best and brightest from the community each year. 

We also have brought more than 20 Ethiopian Israelis to the U.S. for three months of summer internships. (Anyone willing to employ students during summer break should be in touch with us.)

Finding jobs is exceedingly important and we have a placement office at the IDC.

Olim B’Yachad does a wonderful job and needs to be encouraged and supported, but it is only through the students from the Ethiopian Israeli community getting college degrees and a solid education that will help this generation integrate into Israeli society. 

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