Jews For Trump?

Jews For Trump?

It was with considerable dismay that I read “Jews For Trump, Kind Of, Maybe” (March 11).
That any Jew would even consider the candidacy of a man who has been
repeatedly and directly compared to Adolf Hitler by prominent American
public figures on both the left and the right is astonishing. That any Jew
would support a candidate whose platform would directly threaten freedom of
religion in the United States is bewildering. That any Torah-minded Jew
would, by endorsing the candidate, also endorse his particular brand of
lashon hara, crude personal insults and irresponsible rhetoric, which has
made this presidential campaign arguably the ugliest and most vulgar in
American history, potentially setting the tone for all future campaigns, is

That any Jew should feel any sense of security when Trump is
stirring up his supporters into a frenzy of hatred and bigotry that could
metastasize into a dangerous force that even “the Donald” could not hold
back, a force that, under the wrong circumstances, could manifest as
Kristallnacht in America, is simply foolish.



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