Jewish Week Biased

Jewish Week Biased

Regarding your Editorial, “Size Matters” (Jan. 27), chutzpah matters.

Every paragraph of your Editorial denigrated our president. You rely on our Founding Fathers ensuring a free press as a response to your Trump paraphrase of “don’t believe the media.”

Chutzpah: when does free press and journalism mean lying, dishonest, personal opinions disguised as news?

I have not yet read an issue of The Jewish Week where propaganda against race, religion, personal opinions, are not attacked. When will you report the news and let the reader decide, without attacking Jews who don’t think as you — Jews whose religion is not what you think it should be, and lifestyles that are not liberal as you want them to be?

When you treat all people equally, and start treating Orthodox Jews like you treat the Amish, we will be in the days of the Messiah.


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